Zedrin voices Sans and Gaster in Glitchtale.



Being an aspiring animator, Zedrin makes animations that are usually about monster or robot girls. Sometimes, however, he makes fandom animations.

Animation Tutorials

Zedrin has helped make some animation tutorials and has even made some too.

Art Streams

Zedrin used to stream art on Twitch. But he stopped because he found it annoying to switch the info around each time. Nowadays, he host his game streams on Twitch and has his art streams on YouTube. 

Voice Acting

He is also a voice actor. In fact, it's no secret that he provides the voice for both Sans and his father Gaster.


  • Made a successful youtube channel with 20,000+ subscribers.
  • Partnered with Channel Frederator.


  • Since Zedrin voices Sans, and Courtney voices Betty. He and she decided to make a stream in Courtney's channel where they read a Sans x Betty fanfiction.
  • Known to be doing art and animation for a living.
  • Joined YouTube in December 22nd 2008.

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