Zachary is one of the characters on Glitchtale, and nothing is known about this character. Zachary hasn't made an appearance on any Official Glitchtale Episode yet.

Appearance Edit

Zachary is a young boy that has spiky blue hair and blues of the same color. Although it is unknown what color they are, he wears a long sleeve shirt with a collar, thin eyebrows, and a small ball-shaped nose.

Trivia Edit

  • Zachary is blind because, in Camila's problems art, he seems to be looking at a sheet with dots on it (possibly braille, a form of written language for blind people) and has even mentioned in a tumblr post that it was funny that he was looking directly at an object.
    • He also stated that the fireworks sounded (not looked) beautiful in a tumblr post.
  • Zachary can actually "see" things similar to what an X-ray would see, he is able to see souls, see other peoples bodies. However he cannot see objects such as hats, clothes, etc.
    • He can also see Betty and the souls Akumu has consumed. Cami Post