ya had me..."dead" worried there.
~ Sans

Yet Darker is the 2nd episode in the Glitchtale series created by Camila Cuevas. It is the second episode in the first season.


The Awakening

The episode begins with a message that is constantly flickering between Wingdings, and text. The text is transcribed below.

Frisk wakes Sans up in Waterfall and Sans plans to take a shortcut to Grillby's. Frisk gets separated from Sans and finds a mysterious door in a corridor. He opens the door and goes in, meeting Gaster.

Meanwhile, Sans arrives to Grillby's, planning to talk to Frisk about the previous timeline, (see Megalomaniac) but realizes Frisk is not with him.

The door closes behind Frisk, trapping them inside the room. Gaster proceeds to explain that he needs Frisk's determination, and wants his soul to become whole again. Frisk tries to reset, but Gaster envelops the button in darkness saying 'he can not allow them to do that', and attacks Frisk. Frisk dodges his assault until Gaster fires a gaster blaster at them, so Sans appears to block the hit with a bone and tries to shortcut out of the room; he suddenly realizes it doesn't work, and blasts the door away killing an innocent butterfly.


Outside, Gaster re-forms, (gaining new abilities) and Sans informs Frisk that he can't defeat Gaster. Sans tells Frisk to give him their soul like in the last timeline (see Megalomaniac also), to which Frisk agrees. Gaster then stabs Sans and takes the soul while restraining Frisk. Frisk's soul almost shatters,"but it refused" and escaped from Gaster, then flew into Sans's hand.

Sans is healed by Frisk's determination, the latter cracking a pun. Sans and Gaster then battle, but Sans is stronger with the power of Frisk's determination and defeats Gaster.

In the end, Gaster tries to surprise attack Sans but is subsequently killed. Sans apologizes and resets, telling Frisk to spend more time in the Ruins after the reset so that he can 'do something'.