Ok let's get this over with...


1.Jessica didn't die (Because now I can't kill anyone off)

2.GASTER THREATEND PAPYRUS (Basically Gaster is dead to me)

3.Frisk died (Same reason for number 1)

4.The fact I was reminded that I can't draw like Cami (;-;)

5.Sans is pratically D E A D (The puns...;-;)

6.Asriel is controlled by HATE (Nooooooooooo)

7.Toriel got attacked by HER OWN SON (How sad)

8.Asgore got attacked by HIS OWN SON (Same thing as 7)

9.Frisk was ERASEd (The Roleplay will be changed....a lot)

10.Cami did almost TWICE the amount of work she meant to do (That's two months off Cami)

11.I will now see the new Betty  in my nightmares (;~;)



2.Frisk died (So Betty is my most hated character now...wait Frisk who?)

3.I got to see Chara (Mah smol bean)

4.Papryus is safe (Thank god)

5.Toriel didn't die (Yay)

6.Asgore didn't die (:D)

7.Jessica didn't die (XD)

8.Betty didn't crack Asriel's SOUL (Good)

9.Furry might get rid of Betty in SBPS (Wait does this count?)

10.Cami's animation style got better (THEY HAVE NOSES)

11.Betty is controlled by HATE (She deserves it)