Ok, the new episode's name and thumbnail have been released and I'm gonna try and figure out things at an early stage.

(Spoiler alert, do not read if you haven't watched all of Glitchtale so far)

Game Over
Firstly, we'll just have a look at the thumbnail. oOoOo, some black substance covering a pink soul, looks a lot like Chara's soul (covered in hate) when it refused in season 1, so I'm guessing... you can figure it out, right?

Secondly, we'll probably be seeing Chara instead of Frisk due to... you know right?

I can't deny the title of the video. Usually, I wouldn't be on edge but I mean LOOK AT IT. It literally says Game Over. I'm expecting this to be the end but, I thought My Promise was the end too, so who knows?

I'm expecting (not guaranteeing) that there will be a Chara -Betty fight because of the pink soul and how it's only game over when the main character dies.

That's all I have for my expectations of Game Over.

Have a great day :)