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This event isn't a battle, but had a major role during the events of Season 2. Counting Asriel's few attacks to Betty can be considered a battle. This event implied Sans, Asriel, Bete Noire and Jessica Grey.


After the HSO meeting incident, Jessica Grey, the AMD director was blinded with the wish of revenge, she decided to be an ally of the FEAR soul. (Betty)

Bete Noire's purpose is to make sure that monsters and humans would never live in peace.

Asriel and Sans were looking for some proof. They were searching at AMD's security camera room to find some information after Sans argued with Frisk.


After that Sans "blamed" Frisk about their promise, he decided to go to the AMD security room with Asriel.

They started to slowly discovering the camera's files that Betty was implied during many "weird" things (Betty teleporting outside, the illusions).

However, she was about to just make a surprise for them by entering the room. Sans and Asriel tried to flee but Jessica (who was hiding in a dark corner) shot Sans with the nullifier gun While he was neutralized, Betty tried to assassinate Asriel by mentally manipulating him (The illusion of him seeing Chara instead of Betty).

Again, however.. Sans found the determination to teleport in front of Asriel and take the hit. Betty led the soul into Akumu's mouth, causing Sans to turn into Dust. Then Asriel left by breaking the wall. 

As Sans turned to dust and Asriel retreated, Betty ordered Jessica to give the HATE Vial she would later possess in "Love Part 1". Jessica refused and Betty tortured her to relive her worst nightmares until they took the HATE vial.