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After Gaster's defeat, Alphys evacuated Jessica and Gaster because she had a plan. However, it will fail because the weapon wasn't adapted to kill Betty because she isn't a human and neither a monster. Undyne will accidentally kill Alphys and be brutally speared until her determination saves her. This Battle involved Undyne and Betty.


While Asgore, Asriel, and Frisk were fighting in the school, Undyne may have helped the local police to fight the pink organisms in order to protect the civilians.

Jessica and Gaster were returning from the plan's failure and Papyrus was healing Gaster. 

Undyne asked for knowing what happened to Alphys, she runs in vain to save her life and killed her friend by Betty's mental manipulation. She (Undyne) was easily defeated until that her Determination saves her life.


In the first phase of the battle, Undyne easily assaulted and hurt Betty with everything that her Determination allows her to do, which resulted that Undyne had the upper hand and was nearly able to kill the pink demon even if she used her new weapon "Rhabdophobia".

In the second and final phase of the battle, Akumu decided to break the HATE vial and absorbed the black substance. The HATE acted like an enhancer and saved Betty from a possible death in the exchange of her mental sanity.

Later, Betty will retreat because the HATE was taking over her body. Undyne will fall by tiredness and cry after remembering that she killed her girlfriend.