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Season 2 of Glitchtale is pretty much life on the Surface. However, things doesn't seem to end well, as a new "monster" shows up to challenge the cast. The season is still ongoing.

NyxTheShield is now the official composer of the series (despite Rush Garcia making two in the series for Love Pt. 2), and Strelok is officially the sfx maker of the show.


Episode no. Title Release Date Summary
Episode 1 My Sunshine October 24, 2016 Life on the surface seems to doing fine, but a peace agreement between humans and monsters is tough considering Jessica Grey's resentment.
Episode 2 Dust November 30, 2016 With chaos brewing around the city, everyone tries to figure out what's going on.
Episode 3 Do or Die February 13, 2017 With Sans dead, and Betty on the run, Gaster thought it'd be a good idea to face them off there.
Episode 4 Love Part 1: May 29, 2017
Part 2: October 3, 2017
In a desperate attempt to stop Betty, Frisk begins carving up LV.
Episode 5 My Promise N/A N/A


  • Camila Cuevas said there would be there Glitchtale Season 3 in their live streams and in Tumblr.
    • However, Camila is planning to start a Glitchtale prequel before Season 3; it'll most likely focus on The Seven Wizards.
  • It is said that the current timeline is too glitched to handle another RESET. Which means that Frisk has only one life and cannot go back. However, they can still refuse death but it is unlikely.