You know Smiley Trashbag... Say. If I have ONE piece of advice for you... DON'T Let him. Find out ANYTHING about you. He'll... Well... Let's just say. He's caused me more than my fair share of resets.
~ Flowey
Sans vs omega flowey by camilaanims-dafxxf9

The official art that Camila made for the fight. Sans vs Flowey

So uhh sorry by camilaanims-daano4x

Sans and Asriel apologizes to each other for the what happened in past.

Flowey vs Sans

Love Sans vs Flowey reference.

Sans vs Flowey is the The fight animation video before the Glitchtale series started. Animation created by Camila Cuevas.


After the introduction, Sans and Omega Flowey fight countless times, with Omega Flowey losing every single time. Eventually, Flowey finally loses and was killed by Sans after him playing a game on Flowey. Sans simply plays a game of SPARE, DON'T SPARE.

What Camila Cuevas Said About Sans vs Flowey



  • Three weeks after this video, the Glitchtale series was created and the Megalomaniac episode was uploaded to YouTube.
  • This is Asgore's first appearance before the series started.
  • Omega Flowey's LV is LV 9999(In-Game) In fight video Flowey's LV is LV19, that's means proves that this is not Omega Flowey.