Ruddles is an Admin/Moderator on Camila's twitch channel, the Glitchtale Amino and the Glitchtale Crew discord server.


Not much is known about Ruddles except his sheer will and bravery.


  • Ruddles is assigned as an "Admin" in the Glitchtale Discord server, at the same time Ruddles is a moderator on Camila's twitch channel.


  • He's also known for accidentally hinting upcoming segments of the series.
  • Ruddles has committed his time to protect the Discord Channel Server.
  • One of Ruddles' screenshots hinted that a Skype Channel for Glitchtale, with the name "Aquamarine Squad" as their current name, exists.
  • Ruddles' favorite Undertale character is "Undyne".
  • He also said "pink towels are evil" and it became a memeish thing.

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