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Roy Goldburn, the Wizard of Justice, is one of wizards that sealed off The Underground.


He was the Perseverance Wizard's older brother and was Asgore's best friend. Noted by Camila Cuevas, a justice wizard can be easily identified in a group according to their personality. They’ll usually show and manifest their traits at a very young age. Also, this trait is usually seen among the royalty or in charge of military and political issues. This wizard and Asgore were best friends back then, and he's also the first son of the king of the humans which could explain why he is an a high hierarchy position.


Roy wore a long, dark purple cape. He also wore a white t-shirt, below a khaki jacket that was dark red, near its triangular buttons. Due to his trait being justice, he had yellow eyes and possibly short blond hair as Cami once joked around.


  • Archery Skills: It is noted this wizard is an expert at archery.
  • Magic Is Rarely Affected Negatively By A Situation: Magic will rarely be affected negatively by a situation, since the wizard lies on their own morals and decisions to boost their magic. Even when the decision might be considered wrong by the rest, if it looks like the right thing to do for the wizard, it will not affect their magic.


Love Part 2

Roy and his brother Shane both managed to make a cameo in this episode. In one of Asgore's flashbacks, Roy was seen crying whilst Shane was apparently trying to comfort him.


  • Roy and Shane made an appearance in a flashback in Love Part 2, Roy was seen crying as Shane was comforting him. Asgore was also seen in the background and slowly walked away.
  • Previously being friends with Asgore, it is assumed that something broke their friendship that led to the Monsters being sealed Underground.
  • In a post, Camila published an unfinished GIF of Roy.
  • In one of Cami's tumblr posts people who remain anonymous were talking about Roy.
    • Roy was always looked up upon by an anonymous person, most likely because of his archery skills.