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Ronan is a side character that made his cameo in Love (Part 2 to be specific). He is also a member of The HSO Military Defenses and is capable of using magic.


Ronan wears a grey-ish green hat, a long sleeve grey uniform that has yellow triangles at the bottom of the sleeves with a badge located on his chest. He has brown hair, pale skin, and yellow eyes.


Ronan seems to carry a caring personality as he asked Jessica Grey if she was alright. And because of possessing a justice soul he should show a personality that reflects his trait which is being fair and equal to everyone.

Powers and Abilities



Ronan and Jessica Grey had a conversation about the barrier the HSO was going to use to prevent Betty from taking further action and going anywhere else. Jessica mentioned that Betty was able to absorb monster souls and human souls because Betty isn't a monster or a human; she is a spell. The conversation ended when Ronan said they would call Jessica when they spy anything suspicious while she had signed the peace agreement.


  • Ronan may be a part of the higher position of the HSO military forces as a Justice soul is usually seen in charge of military and political issues. Refer to here. Evidence also shows that he is also in charge of other members as Jessica stated: "Even if you let your men in."