~ Robin to Abigail and Cam after destroying a Pink Blob(s)

Robin is a side character who appeared in season 2.

She is voiced by MEMJ0123, who also provides the voice for Jessica Grey and Agate Lightvale.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic Blasts - (Unnamed Attack) Robin is capable of shooting of orange magical blasts as projectiles.


Due to her possessing a Bravery soul, she wields a fearless attitude and will never hesitate to hurt anyone when necessary. She also seems to be good-hearted, putting herself at risk to save others. A good example of this in Do or Die when she stays in Toriel's school in attempt to save people from being killed by Betty's army of pink blobs.


Robin is a young girl that has short light brown hair with spikes at its edges. Her bangs have a rather spiky appearance.

She wears an orange turtleneck that has a light orange collar. She also has khaki pants, dark brown shoes, and orange eyes.


Do or Die

Robin made her debut in this episode. She was seen in Toriel's school defending Cam and Abigail against Betty's army of pink blobs. Here, Cam begged her to help her find his sister Lily. Eventually, Frisk appeared, who agreed to help them.

Later, Robin and Cam found Lily, who was cornered by one of Betty's blobs. Cam quickly rushed in and saved her. But, as soon as the two siblings were escaping, another blob appeared. It killed Cam and took his soul.

Love Part 1

IMG 4353

Robin carrying Lily, as shown in Love Part 1

Unlike Do or Die, Robin only made a cameo in this episode. She was seen attempting to escape Toriel's school with an unconscious Lily on her back. She soon escaped. Robin and Lily presumably survive in this episode.


  • Robin may play a bigger role in future episodes. Animo Post
  • Robin might not have a last name. Cami Post
  • In a sketch Camila made called "Problems" which featured Lily, Abigail, Zachary, Hugo, and Seth shows that each one of them had a specific problem. However, Robin didn't appear in the sketch, which makes sense because, as revealed in a Glitchtale animo post, she doesn't actually have a problem.
  • In one of Camila's tumblr posts, Robin was referred to as a boy it is unknown if this may mean anything or not.