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Rin Winterway, the Wizard of Patience, is one of the seven wizards that sealed off The Underground.


Her trait’s magic is extremely flexible and unpredictable. While the other traits have a common theme upon their abilities, patience’s magic may manifest itself differently between different wizards.

The limitations and conditions of this type of magic are still unknown. Rin also uses a watch pendant as her weapon.


Rin has medium-long hair that's colored white.Her bangs are a radiant light blue and her eyes are the same color. She wears a long, light blue cloak that have radiant light blue triangles on the side. Also, the end of her sleeves are radiant light blue. Her lips are colored light blue.


  • Time Manipulation: Like most patience wizards, Rin can temporarily slow down the time of nearby people and objects. This alone has endless applications for multiple aspects. It all depends on the ratio and distance the wizard can cover. Sometimes, the magic won’t rely on the distance covered but in the amount of objects being manipulated.


Not much of her personality has been revealed yet. But it's clear that she had a lot of problems with her traits as a child. She was extremely anxious about everything and her soul would go grey constantly. However, she learned to dominate her emotions and even became the most powerful patience wizard of her time. She also holds a serious personality and is easily annoyed by messes, like uneven picture frames.


  • Out of all of the Wizards, Rin is the most serious.[1]
  • Kody and Rin are the only wizards who haven't made a cameo or appearance in any official Glitchtale or Glitchtale Origins Episode yet.
  • It is most likely that Rin has a sister named Ellie based on one of Cami's sketches.
  • Rin might be ambidextrous as she holds her attacks on her left and right hand.
  • Rin's first name is actually a female Japanese name (which means "dignified", "severe", and "cold".)
  • Rin is eight years younger than her older sister; Ellie.
  • Rin might have been bullied as a child, as shown by a doodle Camila made showing Rin with a bruise on her face and Ellie saying "I'm here now."


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