The Pink Creatures are little creatures that are used as soldiers and soul gatherers for Bete Noire.



A giant Creature who was the result of the combination of three Creatures.

So far, they are seen in Do or Die, Love (Part 1), and My Promise, killing and collecting souls for Bete. They are also seen in Game Over (Part 1), preparing to attack Papyrus.


The Creatures technically don't have a personality due to the lack of a soul inside them. However, they are controlled to kill and collect souls. This means that they are perfectly fine with killing people. They are attracted to human souls which allows them to hunt down other humans.


  • Soul Harpoon — They can pierce the body and pick up the human soul. The Creature has a pick used as a harpoon for killing humans.
  • In Do or Die, it was seen that a Creature can move at the speed of a regular human child.
  • It was seen that Creatures can move on floors and ceilings.
  • Creatures can take people's appearance making them able to use it as a cloak. 
  • The Pink Creatures can combine with fellow Pink Creatures in order to become bigger and stronger.
  • Pocket Reality Manipulation: Like Akumu they have a pocket reality to put the souls where no one could reach or see for that matter.


  • It was shown in Do or Die that material objects (like Alphys' anime case) can hurt them.
  • At least 23 people perished during the Battle on the City by them but it was said that the number could be bigger due to the fact that some Creatures couldn't join Bete and give her the souls collected.
  • One of them killed Cam.
  • In episode "Love part 1" Pink creatures bring the souls to Betty of attacked students. They had twenty six. One of them belonged to Cam.