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The Nullifier Gun is an AMD weapon. It has a blue color with a shape of a pistol. The Nullifier was an abandoned project due to its danger linked with the user's soul.


  • It neutralizes monster's power/magic but it isn't powerful enough to kill the monster.
  • It is very painful to the target.
  • It cause damage to the users soul
  • It links to the user's soul and uses it as a power source.


  • A bigger version of the nullifier exist in the Core expansion for annihilating rogue magic particles along with humans and monsters that are within (in Do or Die)
  • That weapon seems to be effective against monsters and humans
  • It doesnt have a trigger, instead It has an needle.
  • A monster can use the Nullifier as it can Identify whether the user is a monster or not.
  • Betty is immune to the CORE one, as she is neither human nor monster.