The Monster Kingdom

The Monster Kingdom was one of the Undertale's faction (beside the humans side). The current leader or ruler of the Monster Kingdom is Asgore Dreemurr. This organisation can be seen in Undertale, where the principal character (the player) goes through their areas.

In Glitchtale, we do not really know if that organization was dissolved. However, we can suppose that Asgore is still the King of all of the monster kind because he was implied in some political issues with the humans. 

The actual emblem of the Monster kingdom is the Delta Rune


Coming from Undertale, the kingdom was there since human existed on the world. Before the Undertale's event, Humans and Monsters lived in peace and shared the world.

When the war came, Humans feared about monsters's power. They decided to declare war over monsters and both side had a long and hard battle (However, no humans were killed and no monsters soul were taken). Roy's government decided to deport almost all the monster to the Underground, the "new home" of the monsters.

During the Undertale's event, the monsters decided to kill every human who fell down in the Underground (since Chara and Asriel died), until the hero decides to empty the Underground.

In Glitchtale's series, the monster kingdom decided to live along the human society, even if the AMD disagreed with it. The monsters will be precious allies for humans since Betty attacked everybody.

Functions of the Monster Kingdom

  • Uniting Monster kind.
  • Protecting Monsters from themselves (crime, civil war, etc)
  • Tracking down humans who fell in the Underground (before)
  • Developing monster population.

Monster Kingdom's areas

  • The Underground : the ancient home of the monsters after that humans deported them in.
  • The Core : the energy source of the Underground, next : one of the human district

Notable members