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Mila Rutrow, the Wizard of Kindness, was one of the seven wizards that sealed off the monsters Underground.


Mila has light green hair that were held up in pigtails with the help of her green weapons. Despite having above average physical strength, she has a rather fragile appearance. Also, it has been stated that she keeps her weapons in the elastics of her hair.

She wears a dress that's dark neopastel green. The shoulder-part of her dress is puffy and is colored dark green. Her long sleeves are colored dark green and are pastel green near their ends. Also, she appears to have a bit of armor covering part of her upper chest.


It is currently unknown, but has been theorized as similar to any other Kindness souls.


Her weapons are more interesting than what it looks.
~ Camila on Mila's weapons. [1]
  • Healing Magic: Mila has amazingly powerful healing magic that she can use to heal herself or others.
  • Shields: Can create nearly unbreakable shields.
  • Strength: Thanks to her above average physical strength, can keep up in hand-to-hand combat with almost anyone in her way.


Glitchtale Origins... The Black Beast

Mila makes a very short cameo in this episode. She is seen at the beginning of the episode, possibly using her healing magic to heal someone (because of the presence of a green glow). She stopped using her magic, and the death of the person she was trying to heal was probably a case of euthanasia.


  • Mila made a short cameo in Glitchtale Origins The Black Beast. She was seen possibly using her magic, before an integrity soul shattered.
  • Mila is the only other Wizard besides the Copper Twins that showed up in Glitchtale Origins.
  • Mila's name is part of the name "Camila."
  • Mila is an only child.
  • Despite her looks, Mila is very strong when it comes to hand to hand combat