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Mettaton is a very minor character who first appeared in Glitchtale's My Sunshine.

He was voiced by Ultima Almighty.


Mettaton has a "fabulous" nature. He often speaks in a charming manner and has a rather narcissistic persona. But, at the same time, he deeply cares about the result his TV show has.

During Dust, when he met Betty, he appeared to be rather friendly. And enjoyed getting attention from the other humans.


My Sunshine

IMG 5605

Mettaton watching the reunion

Mettaton makes a brief cameo here. He is seen watching the reunion with an unhappy look on his face.


Mettaton played a larger role in this episode. He is seen when Frisk, Betty, Papyrus, Sans, and Asriel went to his first live performance. Here, Betty soon decided to go say hi to him (even though she was presumably controlling an hallucination). He also was seen meeting Betty before Papyrus (unintentionally) dropped large slabs of concrete onto the area.


  • Currently, he has only appeared in his Normal and EX form, his NEO form hasn't made a appearance in the series yet.
  • His voice actor, Ultima Almighty, got his channel shut down for reasons he most likely doesn't want to be talked about. As a result, if Mettaton appears in future episodes, he will likely need a new voice actor.