IMG 4178

Betty after absorbing the HATE vial

IMG 5614
IMG 5776

Betty preparing for her fight with Undyne

IMG 5834

Betty (attempting to) block one of Undyne's spears

IMG 5781

Betty summoning Rhabdophobia

IMG 5835

Betty using Rhabdophobia

IMG 5713

Betty after consuming the HATE

IMG 5784

HATE Betty clashing with Undyne

HATE Betty 2

HATE trying to fully take control of Betty

IMG 5794

Betty coughing up HATE

IMG 5943

Betty wickedly smiling, as seen from an image from Frisk's imagination.

Frisk prepares to fight

Frisk is preparing for fight with Betty

IMG 5803

Betty fighting Frisk

IMG 5836

Betty attacking Frisk

IMG 5812

HATE Betty fighting against Asriel

IMG 5813

Betty holding Asriel's soul


Frisk's LV count increases to LV19.

Frisk is cutting pink child arm

Frisk is cutting Betty's arm.

Genocide Frisk

Frisk's eyes blinded slowly by New HATE

HATE towards

Frisk is looking at Betty with HATE toward.

IMG 5814

Betty "calling for help"


Sans attacks to Frisk.