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Kody Fallenfire, the Wizard of Integrity, was the only one of the 7 wizards who was not of noble blood. He assisted the other wizards in creating the Barrier, sealing off the monsters Underground.


Kody wore a blue t-shirt that had a white collar. He also had bushy blue hair and a short orange and yellow cape. Like the rest of the wizards and people with traits, his eyes correspond to his SOUL trait. Thus, his eyes are dark blue. Kody is also left-handed, as he holds his sword in his left hand. He is the shortest of all of the wizards (excluding Copper and Agate).


Kody was a very cheery individual who loved making other people laugh. As stated by Camila, he was childish and was the least serious out of all the other wizards, and he is terrified of thunder.

However, at the same time, we presume he was very responsible when it came to his duties.He also knows his limits and the fragility of his SOUL, and he knows when and if to back out of a situation that will put his SOUL under enough stress to become grey since it was said in the wizard week strong integrity wizards knew this. He was also terrible in the lying department, having trouble lying even if it means lying will be for the good of others. All of these facts are expected in any Integrity SOUL.

Abilities and skills

  • Swordsmanship: Kody was a very good swordfighter. In fact, he was one of the best swordsmen of his time.
  • Weapon summoning: A wizard can summon a weapon out of their own magic which for Kody is a Rapier.


  • Because of Kody's childlike disposition, he is Camila's favorite wizard, other than Shane.[1]
  • Kody is very cheerful and adores making others laugh.[2]
  • Kody and Rin are the only wizards who haven't made a cameo or appearance in any official Glitchtale or Glitchtale Origins episode yet.
  • Kody has siblings but none of them have been revealed yet.


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