You are filled with Justice.
~ Asriel being filled with Justice in Continue

Justice is a human soul trait that humans can have.


Those who have this trait have yellow souls and usually have yellow eyes and/or blonde hair. This isn't always the case though, as a human can have a different hair color.

What Camila Cuevas Said About Justice

  • Justice wizards can be easily identified in a group according to their personality.
  • This trait tends to show and manifest their traits at a very young age.
  • A justice wizard's magic is rarely negatively affected by situations the user gets themselves into. This is because the user relies on his or her own morals and decisions to boost their magic.
  • If a decision appears right in the user's eyes, Even if a decision made by the user is considered wrong by other people, if it appears right in the user's eyes, it will not affect their magic.
  • Users of this trait are usually seen among royalty or in charge of military and political issues.

 All information about Justice

Powers and Abilities

  • Ranged attacks - This soul has the ability to use magical range attacks to attack their enemy, or possibly use a ranged weapon instead.


  • Humans who possess Justice souls usually use ranged weapons for attacking, such as Roy having a bow, the fallen child who possessed a Justice soul having a gun, while Hugo has a slingshot.