Jael Peñaloza (nicknamed Jakei) is an artist/animator located in Colombia. She makes comics, and animations both in English and Spanish. She is currently working on Underverse/X-Tale. When she's not working on those, Jael makes other animations and art, and regularly posting speedpaints of what she's drawn.


Jakei makes animations on YouTube. She also makes her living through those with support from her patreon and probably ad revenue


  • Created a animated web comic called Underverse
  • Finished said animation.
  • Currently making her own original series Metadora.
  • Has surpassed 50,000 followers on her Tumblr.
  • Has gained over 300,000+ subscribers.


  • She's a good troll, as she's not only trolling those who provoke her about Underverse, but people who play against her, as demonstrated by her playthrough of Mario Party with NyxTheShield, Camila Cuevas, and Camila's brother, Pablo.
  • Camila has done art collabs with her.
  • She also does commissions.
  • She and another animator, Super youmna, reanimated Megalomaniac for Camila as a birthday present.

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