You are filled with Integrity.
~ Asriel being filled with Integrity on Continue

Integrity (not to be confused with Integrity, Jessica's daughter) is a human soul trait that humans can have.


These souls are dark blue hearts. Humans who have this trait usually have blue hair and blue eyes. This isn't always the case though, as a human can have a different hair color.

What Camila Cuevas Said About This Trait

  • This kind of magic seems to be the most common.
  • Out of all the other traits, Integrity has a higher chance of losing it's magic.
  • This trait can be easy to lose because it is human nature to lie, break morals, etc. Its magic can even be lost even if the user lies for a good purpose.
  • A good integrity wizard should know their limits and should be both emotionally and morally strong.

All information about this type of magic


  • This soul trait seems to be possessed by most human characters in Glitchtale.