Humans are a species in the world of Undertale and Glitchtale. Compared to monsters, human souls are superior due to the permanent presence of DETERMINATION (and can vary from the strength of the soul) on it, but Monster souls don't have much determination (Excluding Undyne in her Undying form.) Human souls are different and can be divided in different soul traits.

Physical appareance 

Humans are made of flesh and are nearly all the same (the skin color, the gender, the height, the size, etc. can change) but between them, they are unique because of the different type of personality (related to their soul). Humans are physically superior to monsters.

Soul's appearance

Humans souls are in the shape of hearts, Their color can vary from one person to another as their trait from the colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Aqua, Blue, and Purple. Also, it is one of the humans's weakness : if a human is killed by a monster, the soul of the human can persist long enough which allows the monster to have the time to absorb it.

Power and Abilities

  • Magic : Some Humans but a few of them possess this ability and use them in many purposes (war, healing, etc)
  • Strength : Humans can be physically stronger than monsters
  • Weapons : Like Frisk, mankind has the ability to create physical weapons and use them in combat.