Hugo is one of the characters on Glitchtale, and nothing is known about this character, Hugo didn't appeared on any Official Glitchtale Episode yet.


Hugo is a young boy that wears pants, a baseball cap, and a shirt with a collar. Hugo has yellow eyes, and blonde hair. Hugo also has freckles located on his face.

Known Powers and Abilities

  • Slingshot - It was revealed in a tumblr post that Hugo will have a slingshot as a weapon.


  • In an animo post, Hugo was announced and revealed to be a possible more important character in later episodes.
  • Hugo is actually named after an OFF character named Hugo as well. Cami Post
    • Hugo's appearance is similar to character from the same franchise called "The Batter ".
  • As previously mentioned, Hugo's weapon will be a slingshot. Cami Post