A Grey Soul is a weakened soul. There is no magic or power in the soul, no matter how grey it is, the soul cannot use any power or magic because it has no power or magic. They appear as grey, this is an effect of a human losing their trait.

What Camila Cuevas Said About Grey Souls

  • The user can't use magic. Although, it depends on how grey the soul is.
  • It is recommended to ask for help if someone has a grey soul for one or two weeks.
  • Unlike a hollow soul, wielding a grey soul means that the wizard has lost their trait or motivation that fueled their trait.
  • In fact, having a grey soul can be the result of having a personal conflict within yourself.
  • The longer the user has a grey soul, the harder it becomes to turn it back to normal. However, this only qualifies for adults.
  • When an adult loses their trait, it can stir up trouble for them. Depending on their trait, having a grey soul may affect not only their magic, but their way of thinking or in extreme cases, even their personalities.
  • If someone has a grey soul, they are unable to use magic.
  • People that do not have magical powers do not have a grey soul.
  • Grey souls are usually not considered soul traits. Instead they are considered a lack of a soul trait.
  • A subject's soul may became grey depending on the their experiences. But, for the most part, they’re most likely to be triggered by a traumatic experience.
  • If a soul is partially grey, their magic may not be as strong or as effective.
  • A grey soul is not a permanent state, in fact, once children find what their trait is, they are also likely to have their soul turn grey a couple of times during their childhood. They usually go back to their respective color once the situation that caused the problem is solved and the issue becomes less frequent with the pass of time.
  • No one has ever been born with a grey soul.

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  • Apart from Copper Lightvale (who died with a grey soul), the only known users of the grey soul have regained their trait or have found a new trait.
  • The difference between an empty soul and a grey soul is that Grey souls still have their magic, but do not have their trait , vice-versa for empty souls. Cami Post.