Glitchtale Wiki, as of 15th August 2017, has an official glitchtale server. Discord is a better alternative to Wiki's Chatroom feature and can be accessed through a web browser or variety of apps for different platforms.
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If you wish to socialize in real-time, you can always join our Discord server, which is an up-to-date, user-friendly and nicely presented application.

It is available for use via your internet browser, or you can download the Apps for Android, Apple, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can join our server any time by clicking on this link.

For help and support with using Discord, please click here.

How to join

  1. To join the Glitchtale Wiki Discord server, register your account on Discord. You can afterwards download a client for the device you are on.
  2. The widget showing the Glitchtale Wiki Discord server can be found in the right sidebar on a normal wiki page. The "Connect" button can be found on the bottom of it. You should click it.
  3. After joining, you'll find yourself in the server, after you read the info channels of server like #rules and #faq channel, you can start to type in the server.

Server Roles

Roles on Discord are like user groups on Wiki; they are used to put people in different groups that sometimes have different appearance and permissions.

Name Given to Permissions Mentionable Separated in the user list
Wiki Administrators Administrators In addition to normal staff member permissions, can change several additional server settings. No No
Wiki Moderators Moderators Can inspect the server, change its settings, and can ban. No No
Community Moderators Chosen users from the server community by Wiki Staff. Can inspect the server, and can ban. No No
Glitchtale Wiki Crew Wiki Staff Organizes all the staff roles under one role. No Yes
Community Volunteers The users who make emoji, design, and produce for Wiki server/Wiki site. Above than High Society. No Yes
High Society The users who reaches Level 50 on the server.

Still, Great YouTubers, Great Musicians, Great Artists, Great Developers, Ex-Staff, Official Glitchtale Staff, and Wiki Staff members can get this role without reaching Level 50.

Have access to the private #clubhouse channel, can change the nickname of users, can see #server-log channel, can mute/move on vc, and can view Audit Log. No Yes
Megalomaniac The users who reaches Level 35 on the server. Have access to the private #clubhouse channel and Audit Log. They also can manage/change nicknames of people. No Yes
Wiki Editors Active editors on Glitchtale Wiki. Above than Commoners and Commanders. No Yes
Wikian Commoners The users who reaches Level 20 on the server. Have access to the private #clubhouse channel and Audit Log. No Yes
Wikian Commanders The users who reaches Level 10 on the server. Have access to the private #clubhouse channel. No Yes
Wikian Artists Artists on the Glitchtale Wiki or on the Discord server. Have access to the #clubhouse and #artistbase channels. Plus, they can request a pin for their own arts from an Admin/Moderator. No Yes
Wikian Bots Discord Bots on the server Admin permissions No No
Ex-Staff The Ex-Staff members who had a position on Glitchtale Wiki. Can view audit log. No No
Wikians Server/Wiki members. In addition to standard permissions, can access all social channels, create instant invites, change their nickname, use external emoticons and send files. No Yes

Server Channels

Name Purpose
Server Info
#announcements Channel for outlining the news
#feedback-wall This is a wall showcasing all the wonderful feedbacks for the Wiki site/server.
#channels Channel for outlining the channels of the server
#rules Channel for outlining the rules
#roles Channel for outlining the roles
#faq Channel for outlining the frequently asked questions
Glitchtale Wiki
#wiki-discussions This channel is where you can talk about Glitchtale Wiki website related topics
#wiki-editing Some editing stuff
#wiki-suggestions If you have a suggestion for the server / wiki, feel free to share in this channel
#wiki-quotes Quotes of Wiki/Server
#wiki-stuff Some coding stuff, heh (If you're an editor on the wiki, this channel will be useful for you)
#wiki-acti̇vi̇ty Glitchtale Wiki's activity feed
#glitchtale-criticisms In this channel, you can criticize/analyze Cami/Glitchtale
#glitchtale-debate In this channel, you can debate/discuss everything related to Glitchtale
#glitchtale-theories You can share your Glitchtale theories in this channel
#glitchtale-memes This is a channel where you can only post Glitchtale memes
#general Discussion that doesn't go in any other channel
#undertale-deltarune This channel is for Undertale/Deltarune topics
#gaming Gaming stuff
#anime In this channel, you can talk about everything related to Animes!
#movie In this channel, you can talk about everything related to Movies!
#roleplay You can roleplay in this channel
#memes You can share memes in this channel
#random-links You can post random videos/links in this channel
#random-images You can post random images in this channel
#venting-ranting In this channel, you can vent about things that are bugging you in real life
#selfpromotion The 5th rule excluded from this channel so you can promote your stuff in this channel
#music-recs You can send some music recs
#spam Spam in this channel as much as you want
#game-developing In this channel, you can post your game works
#art-works In this channel, you can post your artwork
#music-works In this channel, you can post your music work
#animation-works In this channel, you can post your animation progress
#critiques--feedbacks Want to improve your work? This is a place for critical analysis and feedback! (Wiki members are urged to remain objective and not insult people's efforts)
#oc-support You can use this channel if you want to promote your OC
#wips In this channel, you can post your every kind of wips
The Bot Area
#bot-commands For using bot commands
#music-requests Use this channel only if you want to listen to music by using a bot
#uno-card-battle For playing UNO with your friends
#pokecord-battle-arena For Pokecord fights
#pokecord-spawn For Pokecord spawns
#supported-wiki-servers In this channel, you will find the Wiki servers that supported by Glitchtale Wiki
#join-leave-logs In this channel, you can see who joins/leaves the server
#avatar-logs Avatar changes will be logged in this channel
#level-up MEE6 will log levels in this channel
#türkçe The Turkish general channel
#pусский The Russian general channel
#français The French general channel
#español The Spanish general channel
#românã The Romanian general channel
#한국 The Korean general channel
RSS Feeds
#youtube Camila's YouTube RSS Feed
#facebook Camila's Facebook RSS Feed
#tumblr Camila's Tumblr RSS Feed
#twitter Camila's Twitter RSS Feed
#twitch Camila's Twitch RSS Feed
#strelok Strelok's YouTube RSS Feed
#nyxtheshield NyxTheShield's YouTube RSS Feed
#nevan-dove Nevan Dove's YouTube RSS Feed
#rush-garcia Rush Garcia's YouTube RSS Feed
Voice channels
General For general discussion
Gaming For playing games with your friends
Karaoke For playing games with your friends
Music For listening to music
AFK AFK channel. People that are inactive will be placed here automatically
Secret Staff Business Staff channel. For staff members

Server Staff List

Server Staff Members
Username Role Status
  • Owner
  • Wiki Administrator
  • Wiki Administrator
  • Wiki Administrator
  • Wiki Administrator
  • Wiki Administrator
  • Wiki Moderator
  • Wiki Moderator
  • Wiki Moderator
  • Wiki Moderator
  • Wiki Moderator
  • Wiki Moderator
  • Community Moderator
  • Community Moderator
  • Community Moderator
  • Community Moderator
  • Community Moderator
  • Community Moderator
  • Community Moderator
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Semi-Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Semi-Active
  • Active
  • Semi-Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Active
  • Semi-Active

Server Rules and Guidelines

  1. This is an English server but other languages can be spoken. Just let people who don't understand know what you're saying, both in voice and text channels.
  2. Please do not ping anyone without a reason.
  3. Please do not promote your/other Discord servers here. (#selfpromotion has been excluded from this rule.)
  4. Please do not have an insulting and/or obnoxious nickname or avatar.
  5. Please do not use/post NSFW content. Obviously, using hentai bot commands is strictly forbidden as well.
  6. Please do not use bot commands outside of the #bot-commands channel.
  7. Please do not spam. (#spam has been excluded from this rule.)
  8. Please do not incite or participate in drama. (#venting-ranting has been excluded from this rule.)
  9. Please do not encourage members to raid other servers or websites.
  10. Please do not violate personal privacy.
  11. Please do not ping Camila.
  12. Please do not ask for a role.
  13. Please do not use an alt account.
  14. Please do not jokingly reference suicide or self harm.
  15. Please do not disrupt the unity and peace of the server.
  16. Please do not abuse bots.
  17. Please do not engage in or post content to harass individuals or communities.
  18. Please do not spam anybody in DM.
  19. Please do not do anything illegal, or post any sketchy content.
  20. Please do not make threats. It'll only make the person scared or being depressed.
  21. Please welcome our new members and integrate them into your conversations. It sucks to be ignored when you join a server.
  22. Please Cooperate with the Staff.
  23. Keep certain topics to their designated text/voice channels.
  24. Keep this server as a family friendly server.
  25. Be nice to other members of this server, don’t harass or offend, be tolerant. We want everyone to feel comfortable here. I know that you might be "mean" to your friends as a joke, but please don't do it "not" as a joke. If you will harass someone just to make them sad/feel bad/ just doing it unironically then you gotta get kicked.
  26. No minimodding.
  27. No impersonation.
  28. You can swear, but only keep it to a minimum.
  29. Respect other users.
  30. For spoilers, leaks, and episode disscusion within 2 weeks from its release, have to be discussed in #glitchtale-debate.
  31. Adhere to the official Discord terms of service and community guidelines.
  32. Desist from discovering loop holes around the rules.
  33. It's okay to talk about politics here as long as it's not argument.
  34. No flaming or trolling.
  35. If there is any instance of power abuse from any Mods or Admins, let MasterSlenderTR know.
  36. If there is any sort of conflict let a mod, or admin online know.
  37. Use Common sense.
  38. Be avoid of spreading false information.
  39. Keep your behavior age-appropriate.
  40. Glitchtale Wiki Crew can always forgive. If you have been banned feel free to make an appeal/apologize ^-^