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the first side story that explains the beginnings of bête noire and how she came to be.
~ NyxTheShield


Currently one episode of the Glitchtale Origins is released and it is possibly the last one as well.

Glitchtale Origins tells what happened in the past and how Bete Noire spell is created.

According to one of postsfrom Camila's tumblr posts it's not for the Glitchtale prequel.


Episode no. Title Release Date Summary
Episode 1 Glitchtale Origins... The Black Beast November 18, 2017 that night Amber got born and her mother dying after she was born. When the baby was a tad older, Agate and Copper raised Amber along with them and it revealed she had a special green and blue soul. After Amber grew up by a lot we can see in one moment Agate and Copper were arguing about the question of monster kind, after the argument of the two siblings started, that day everything started to change...


  • Amber Lightvale, Copper Lightvale and Agate Lightvale made the first appearing in Glitchtale Origins.
  • Glitchtale Origins is not a Glitchtale Prequel.
  • Glitchtale Origins only has one episode, but it is unknown whether a second episode will be published.