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The battle for the mountain was set after the HSO security measures. It involved Frisk, Betty, Papyrus, Sans, and Asriel .


Frisk, after going outside of their home decided to search for the Bete Noire and kill her. 

Asriel then decided to help Frisk after they left the house.

Papyrus was talking to Gaster, Jessica and Undyne before that he will be forced to move for helping Frisk.

Gaster is still wounded but he is getting better after all of the things he gone through.

Toriel was looking for Asriel.

Asgore was wandering in the house until Gaster warned them (Toriel and Asgore) that Papyrus knows where Frisk and Asriel had gone.


Frisk was guided by Akumu in order to find his owner. In fact, Frisk decided to enter in Betty's game despite that He wasn't at the moment strong enough to fight her.

In the first phase of the battle, Betty easily defeated Frisk without really using the power of the HATE. Frisk was extremely injured after seeing their worst fears and losing Their Determination.

In the second phase of the battle, Asriel came and tried to save Frisk by fighting Betty. However, She tricked him and Akumu killed Asriel from behind and ate his soul.

At the third phase of the battle, Frisk decided to "Glitch" their stats by drastically increasing their LOVE to 19. For this phase of the battle, Frisk had the upper hand, even if Betty relied on the HATE power She had.

In the last phase of the battle, Betty had the idea to revive Sans by putting HATE inside of his soul. When Sans returned, Papyrus and Gaster knew that something was going wrong with their magic, so Papyrus decided to look for Sans.    

While Frisk was getting beaten by Sans, Papyrus came and saved Frisk Just before Sans could land the final blow. Betty decided to block any path by creating a dome made of HATE to prevent anyone else from interfering.

During all of that sequence, Papyrus tried to save Sans from Betty without fighting him but by showing "love".

Finally, Sans was saved and Betty decided to retreat with Asriel's soul.