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The first battle in Season 1.


Frisk was on a genocide route (on hard mode) and nearly finished it. They just had to kill Sans, then they can continue on with the route.

Chara came when Frisk was about to press RESET. Chara took control of Frisk and fought Sans.

Sans fused with Frisk giving him an incredible power boost then they proceed to defeat Chara.


While Frisk was trying to desperately kill Sans, Frisk wanted to RESET after losing to Sans several times. However, Chara came and decided to take control of this situation, It was proven that Chara was more powerful than Frisk (possibly because they were filled with HATE.). Chara overpowered Sans and easily dodged all his attacks. Sans soon became tired. Chara was about to kill Sans by slashing their knife at him, if it weren't for Frisk who decided to stop Chara by blocking a fatal blow. They gave their soul to Sans in order to defeat Chara. After defeating Chara, Sans resets the timeline.