I always thought how flowey would have reacted when he first woke up. And after that, realizing that he was only capable to feel HATE.
~ Camila Cuevas in the video's description

Flowey's Awakening was Camila's second random Undertale animation. It has no relation or relevance to the Glitchtale series.


As the animation starts, we see Flowey wake up, confused. He examines his new "body" frantically, as though desperately hoping it is just a dream. But soon, darkness engulfs the flower, and we hear a maniacal laugh as the screen cuts to black.


  • Flowey's Awakening does not have any relation or relevance to the Glitchtale series, which is similar to the animation Snow Statues
  • Flowey's Awakening was Camia's second Undertale animation.
  • This animation was made 1 month before the first episode of the Glitchtale; Megalomaniac.