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Like grey souls, Empty Souls are weakened souls.

Having an empty soul shows a trait was extracted by force or used way too much magic/power


Whenever someone soul becomes an empty soul, their soul seems to have the outline of a heart with nothing in the center. The color of the outline varies from the trait of the human.(as seen in the picture)

What Camila Cuevas Said About Empty Souls

  • They can be the result of the subject overusing their magic.
  • The wielder may be left with this soul if their magic is extracted by force.
  • Having this soul means that you still have your trait but you don't have enough magic to fight.

All information on empty souls: Cami Post 1, Cami Post 2.


  • When Chara's Soul became empty, they gave it to Asriel to use as a vessel to hold the human Souls, so empty Souls can be used as vessels for other Souls.
  • When Frisk's Determination got extracted by Chara in *Determination they were weak. However, their determination came back in Your Best Friend when getting exposed to magic.
  • The difference between an empty soul and a grey soul is that Empty souls still have their trait, but cannot use their magic,vice-versa for grey souls. Cami Post