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Hang in there Sans! I'll think of something.
~ Asriel

Dust is the 2nd episode of Season 2 of Glitchtale.


Frisk and the others investigate around the city for the unknown saboteur with the answer to their question being horrid.


When Dust begins, Frisk tells the audience that things have gotten more tense between humanity and monsterkind. Worst of all, Asgore was arrested.

Frisk soon arrives at Gaster's house. They ask him if he found any info about Betty's unique soul. Sadly, he failed to find anything. Gaster warned Frisk to be careful they were with a monster because the AMD's cameras were suddenly more active. Upon mentioning Mettaton's first live performance, Frisk allowed Betty to come with them.

Frisk and Betty soon go get Sans, Papyrus, and Asriel and they all go see Mettaton together. At the performance, they experience Papyrus accidentally drop slabs of concrete on the area and Sans temporarily losing his powers.

Later, Sans called Frisk over to come and talk to him, Betty, Asriel. They are then forced to tell him that they were trying to RESET. As a result, Sans got so angry that he would've hurt them if it wasn't for Asriel, who stopped him.

Sans and Asriel then went to the AMD's recording room. Here, they watched the camera's recordings. They soon see the recording where Frisk saved Bete Noire from getting hit by a car. Instead of a car appearing, nothing appeared, indicating that she was using her ability to create and control hallucinations to make Frisk see a car. They also saw a recording of her leaving Gaster's lab as the reunion was occurring.

Sans tells Asriel they have to warn the others about Betty. However, it was too late. Betty confronted them and reveal her true nature and The Pink Soul when the fight was about to begin Sans was shot by Jessica Grey and Asriel fall into Betty mind trick and was about to get eaten but Sans teleported in front of him, sacrificing himself. She then took his soul and fed it to Kumu, turning him into dust. Asriel attacked her in grief, only for Kumu to shield her from the projectile attack. He prepared another attack, before retreating after remembering Sans telling him to warn the others. Asriel warms out of the room and goes to Frisk house in Do or Die.