Are you gonna burn Snowdin now?
~ Frisk to Undyne

Cooking Lessons is a funny Undertale Animatic that was released before the Glitchtale series.


The animatic is based off the event in the game where Undyne decided to teach Frisk cooking lessons.

The animatic began with Undyne realizing that Papyrus was supposed to have his cooking lesson. Therefore, she decided to give frisk the lesson instead. As she was preparing, Chara asked them if they were ready. Believing the lesson would bring them closer together, she told them to mash a couple tomatoes. Chara asked them how they would pound it and Frisk told them that they would just pound it hard. They hit the vegetable, causing it to simply tilt over. Undyne then grabbed it and threw it, causing Chara to show noticeable happiness.

Undyne proceeded to summon pasta and a pot and told Frisk to make some pasta. Chara asked them if they should insert the noodles carefully or fiercely. They said fiercely and threw the entire package in the pot. Undyne then said to stir the pot. Frisk stirred as fast as they could but it wasn't enough to please her. She then created a spear and demolished the pot.

Approaching the final step, Undyne said it was time to turn up the heat and attempted to encourage Frisk. They cranked up the heat but she said to turn it up higher, causing Chara to realize that she was going to burn down her house. She then turned the heat up so high her house caught aflame.

Undyne asked what was next and offered scrap booking or making friendship bracelets. However, she realized that she just couldn't get along with Frisk. She challenged Frisk to a battle. Chara told Frisk to hit her with all her might but they disobeyed them and lightly "hit" Undyne. Realizing that Frisk wouldn't hurt her, she befriended them and everyone escaped the house.


  • This animatic was released before Glitchtale existed.