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The third battle of Season One of Glitchtale.


After another RESET, Frisk started a new pacifist route, While they were going in the true lab, Chara returned to the world (Thanks to HATE from the genocide route, and the Determination that Chara stole from the Amalgamates and help of the glitches). Chara decided to capture Frisk and using the DETERMINATION extractor machine in order to steal Frisk's power and "erase" the timeline.

Flowey was sneaking on the true lab, keeping an eye on Frisk, until he noticed that something was wrong. He remembered what Chara did to him on the genocide route and he was scared and went to warn Sans, Flowey told Sans about Chara capturing Frisk, despite the fact he is Sans's greatest enemy.

Sans was in Snowdin, when Flowey warned him. 


When Sans and Flowey went to the True Lab to stop Chara. Chara protected the machine until Frisk's DETERMINATION was extracted by machine. Sans and Flowey tried to stop Chara, they failed because Chara took Frisk's DETERMINATION.

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