The fourth battle of Glitchtale's first season.


After the battle, Sans, with some assistance from Flowey, decided to repair his space-time machine (who linked the void and their world) in order to bring back Gaster.

Gaster was stuck in the void, until Sans repaired the machine and saved him from the void. Gaster came back, at first Frisk didn't completely trust Gaster after what happened in Yet Darker. Gaster reassures Frisk that he has no intention to harm them anymore since they are no longer trapped in the void.

Sans asks Gaster where the 6 human souls were, so Gaster teleported them to the place where the 6 souls were located. Flowey absorbed the 6 souls and turned into Omega Flowey.

Chara was in an unidentified area, then Sans, Gaster, Omega Flowey, and Frisk confronted them. Chara then says that they have a surprise too, they stole the DETERMINATION of the 6 human souls and absorbed them, making Chara have access to multiple other abilities.


Gaster, Omega Flowey, and Sans nearly lost against Chara because they couldn't win against the HATE and Chara's high amount of DETERMINATION. Chara summoned a giant energy ball with HATE and sent it at Omega Flowey, Omega Flowey was able to create a hope cannon using the six human souls to destroy the energy ball of HATE. However, this caused Omega Flowey to turn into Flowey, and the six human souls lost their soul traits. Chara was about to kill off Flowey, if it weren't for Frisk who was able to create a DETERMINATION shield after being exposed to magic. Frisk called for help, then the six human souls regained their soul traits, Frisk gave their soul to Flowey and the six human souls fused with Flowey as well. Then, Asriel confronted Chara. The episode then ends.