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Cam is a side character that appeared in Season 2. He was a student at Toriel's school that held a green soul.

He was voiced by Lumisau who also voiced Chara

Powers and Abilities

  • Shield of Kindness - Cam was able to create powerful shields. He used them to protect himself/others from attacks or to tackle foes.


Cam was energetic and cheerful. Due to having a green soul, he was very kind-hearted. He clearly cared deeply about those close to him and was willing to sacrifice himself to save Lily's life.


My Sunshine

Cam made a Cameo during My Sunshine when Frisk, accompanied by Betty, brought Jessica Grey to Toriel's school. Here, they hoped to have Toriel show her a demonstration on how her students use their magic.

Do or Die

Cam plays a bigger role in this episode. He was shown at Toriel's school, accompanied by Robin and Abigail. He was looking for his younger sister Lily. Soon, Frisk arrives and they agree to help Cam find his sister.

Cam is dead

Cam sacrificing his life in order to save Lily.

Later, Cam finds Lily cornered by one of Betty's pink blobs. He defeated the blob and attempted to escape with his sister. However, he did not see another blob beneath a nearby table. The blob attempted to kill Lily but Cam took the fatal blow instead. As a result, he died and his soul was taken from his body.

Love Part 1

When Frisk was telling Asriel that they were too late to help save people, the screen briefly flashed to a mini flashback. The flashback showed Frisk looking at Cam's lifeless body.

When Betty's blobs arrived at the rundown shed where she was hiding, Cam's soul can be seen along the many, many souls the blobs collected from their victims. Akumu then ate all these souls, including Cam's.


  • Cam's name is short for Camila, the creator of Glitchtale.
  • Cam has the only green soul in the Soul Harvest, as seen in Love Part 1
  • Cam's soul is the most powerful soul Betty has collected. Camila Post